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Bio Maxx

Bio Maxx

Crop Tonics
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 Bio Maxx(5 Litres)

Product Information:
Foliar application of the following nutrients depending upon the occurrence of their efficiencies will mitigate the water-stress induced nutritional imbalance in crops.
Inorganic: - Zinc -3%, Ferrous-2% , Manganese  -1%  and Boron-0.5%
Essential and trace elements
Organic–proteins, amino acid derivatives, preservatives, stabilizers and aqueous diluents.
Hormones of microbial origin and growth promoters.

Special features:
•    It enhances growth and development of crops.
•    It  promotes flowering and fruit setting, increases fruit size and crop yield.
•    It corrects the nutrients deficiency & enhances quality yield.
•    It helps plant endure environmental stresses.

Dosage & Application:
•    Apply 3.0 mL per litre of water along with 3-5 gm of water soluble ( 19:19:19) as foliar spray 45 Days after planting during flowering.
•    2 to 3 sprays based on crop duration
Compatible with all other agrochemicals.