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.Neem Cake
Product information:
Neem cake is premium quality neem seed de oiled cake enriched with biocontrol agent Trichoderma Viride, Pseudomonas fluorescens and Potassium humate. It has adequate quantity of NPK in organic form for plant growth. Neem cake typically contains about 6% neem oil and min 4% nitrogen, 0.5 % phosphorus and 0.5% potassium. Being totally botanical product, it contains 100% natural NPK content and other essential micro nutrients. It is rich in both sulphur compounds and bitter limonoids. It contains the active ingredient Azadirachtin, which is a proven natural anti-feedant, growth regulator, anti-ovipository and insect repellent.

Neem seed cake  -  87%
Trichoderma carrier base - 3%
Pseudomonas carrier base - 5%
Potassium Humate- 5%

Special features:
•    Act as a natural protection against insects, disease and nematodes.
•    Provide protection against soilborne pathogens as Pythium, Rhizoctonia solani and Fusarium species.
•    Acts as nitri cation inhibitor and prolongs the availability of nitrogen to short duration and long duration crops.
•    Increases the efficiency of nitrogenous fertilizers.
•    Increases crop yield substantially.

Dosage & Application:

4-5 bags per acre at the time of planting along with other fertilizers.


Suitable for all crops and compatible with all other agrochemicals