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PGP Tablet

PGP Tablet

Organic Fertiliser
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    PGP Tablet
Product Information:
Plant Growth Promoter tablets, promotes over all growth and development of the plants.
Sea weed extracts & Hormones and growth boosters

Special features:
•    Cytokinins and Auxins contents increases cell division and elongation. 
•    Stimulates the growth and activity of selective micro-organisms. 
•    It energizes the plant metabolism. 
•    Helps in quick and efficient use of translocated material. 
•    In drought condition it helps minimizes 1-2  irrigation.

Dosage & Application:
Foliar Spray: Dissolve 1tablet/ 2-3 liter and thoroughly spray until foliage is completely covered. Repeat spray at 15 days interval.

PGP tab is compatible with all pesticides and insecticides.
Safe to Human, mammals, natural parasites and predators.