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Plantation Kit

Plantation Kit

Bio Fertilizer
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    Plantation Kit 
Product Information:
Plantation kit helps in production superior crops by providing balanced nutrition in available form by reducing the disease incidence. Plantation kit contains all micro-organisms which provide nutrients for the growth of crop.
Azospirillum : Nitrogen fixing Azospirillum bacteria. 5 x10^9 CFU/ml
PSB : Contains Pseudomonas fluorescens which inhibits diseases caused by Bacteria. 5 x10^9 CFU/ml.
Trichoderma : Contains Trichoderma viride which the diseases caused by fungi. 5 x10^9 CFU/ml.

Special features:
•    Provides around 40kg of Nitrogen per acre.
•    Increases yield by 10-15%.
•    It protects crops from soil borne fungal diseases.
•    It improves the absorption of soil nutrients.
•    It helps plant in absorption of more quantity of Phosphorous from soil.
•    Improves the health of plant and soil.
•    Enhances the growth of plant and its roots

Dosage & Application:
•    For one acre, mix all the packets provided with Bumper Crop with the farm yield manure and apply to the field.
•    For Drenching: Mix 1 packet in 100 litre of water and drench the roots of plant for 30 minutes before sowing.
•    Drip Irrigation: Mix I packet with 100– 200L of water and apply through Drip Irrigation.
Suitable for all plantation crops.