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ZeN Capsule- Verticillium lecanii

ZeN Capsule- Verticillium lecanii

Bio Fertilizer
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ZeN Capsule- Verticillium lecanii 
Product Information: 
Verticillium lecanii is a naturally occurring entamopathogenic fungi, which act as biocontrol agent sucking pests.
Verticillium lecanii  ( 10X10^11 CFU/gm)

Special features:

Spores contained in Zen capsules when comes in contact with the target insect, attaches to the critical (outer skin) then germinates grows directly through spiracle inner body of the host.by taking nutrients from the insects it further proliferates and colonises the entire insect and thus drains off the insect nutrients. the infected insects eventually die.

Dosage & Application:
Foliar spray: Mix 1 capsule/litre of water and spray to the crop. the spray volume depends on the crop canopy.

•    Compatible with well composted FYM/Compost/Vermicompost/Organic fertilizers
•    Don’t mix with any bactericides or harmful chemicals