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Total Solid (Pouch)

Total Solid (Pouch)

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Product Information:
Nutrients present in "Total" are in readily available form both through phyllosphere and rhizosphere making the product highly economical and environmentally judicious. 
Essential and trace elements water-soluble in solid forms.
Organic–proteins, amino acid derivatives.
Hormones of microbial origin and growth promoters.

Special features:
•    Imparts immunity to various biotic and abiotic stresses through proper nutrition.
•    Ameliorates mineral nutrient deficiency problems very quickly as nutrients are readily available.
•    Helps in flowering and vegetative growth leading to comprehensive crop growth and development of crop plants.
•    Enhances yield and productivity leading to higher economic gain.

Dosage & Application:
Foliar Spray: Dissolve 5 gm of Total in every litre of water or 1kg in 200 litres of water and spray on both surfaces of leaves. 1kg is sufficient per acre of crop.
Fertigation: Dissolve 3-4 kg of Total in 150 litres of water and apply through drip or other Irrigation system for 1 acre of crop.
Apply 4 to 5 Days after planting during flowering.
2 to 3 sprays based on crop duration.

Compatible with all other agrochemicals.