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ZeN Capsule - Pseudomonas fluoresces

ZeN Capsule - Pseudomonas fluoresces

Bio Fertilizer
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ZeN Capsule - Pseudomonas fluorescens
Product Information:
Pseudomonas fluorescens, is an eco-friendly biological pesticide highly active on root and stem roots, sheath blights/leaf spots, mildews and other fungal diseases.
Pseudomonas fluorescence, ( 10X10^12CFU/gm)
Special features:
•    It solubilizes insoluble phosphates and provides readily available phosphorous for plants. It helps in increased mineral and water uptake by producing growth promoting substances like IAA an GA.
•    It promotes root development and vegetative growth. 
•    It improves soil health and environmental friendly
•    It acts on the hyphae of plant pathogens by enzyme and antagonism. seed treatment with Pseudomonas fluorescence provides a protective zone around seeds.
•    It also acts plant growth promoter and stimulates seed germination, early flowering and fruiting.
 Dosage & Application:

Drenching: Mix 100 capsules in 10L of pure or potable water, stir twice , keep it overnight and dilute to 100L and drench the solution near root zone of crop.

Drip irrigation:
Dissolve 100 capsules in 10L of pure or potable water, stir twice, keep it overnight and dilute to 100L and incorporate in to soil through drip irrigation system.

Seed Treatment: Crack open 1 capsule and mix in 10ml of water and use the solution for seed coating of about 200 to 250 grams of seeds or based on seed adsorption properties.
(for 1kg seeds, prepare solution by using 5 capsules in 50 ml water and carry out the seed treatment.
Soil application:
Mix 100 capsules in 10 to 20 L of pure or portable water, stir twice keep it overnight and mix with organic manure and apply to 1 acre


•    Compatible with well composted FYM/Compost/Vermicompost/Organic fertilizers
•    Don’t mix with any bactericides or harmful chemicals